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SOWK404. Case Management

This Integrated Studies course seeks to provide an opportunity for students to learn about child maltreatment and how they are investigated by child protective services. This course will provide clarity of the definition of child abuse, also focusing on mental and physical abuse which is often difficult to prove in a court of law. The history of child welfare and neglect will be examined in this class. Additionally, this class explains case management procedures and focuses on how various professionals become involved in the child protection process and how treatment is undertaken. This class will conclude with an overview of functional and dysfunctional families, and contrasts healthy child development with development hampered by abuse. This Integrated Studies course can fulfill a requirement in Section VI of the General Education Curriculum. Prerequisite: Entrance into the SW program and Junior or Senior status.  Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall semesters in-seat. Offered each semester online.