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EdD Educational Leadership with CES Mission and Goals

Whether you choose the EdD or PhD of Educational Leadership track, the mission of the CACREP accredited Counselor Education and Supervision program is the same. We strive to prepare ethically sound and advocacy driven counselor educators, administrators, supervisors, researchers, clinicians and leaders to serve humanity through academic and clinical excellence. Through facilitated research, professional activities, and especially through the implementation of the curriculum, faculty members are committed to providing you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your professional knowledge and understanding of counseling and educational theory.
  • Extend your mastery of research and its application to strategic problem-solving.
  • Strengthen your commitment to professional service and ethical decision-making.

In pursuit of its mission, the program serves the following program goals:

  • Provide student with the knowledge necessary for teaching and andragogy in Counselor Education
  • Furnish student with the knowledge necessary for Counselor Supervision
  • Provide student with instruction and assistance to help them develop a professional identity to become leaders in, and strong advocates for, professional counseling
  • Distribute instruction through state-of-the-art technology to help the student be prepared for today’s challenges in andragogy of Counselor Instruction in a multicultural and pluralistic society
  • Instruct, monitor and assure that graduates of the program possess advanced clinical expertise
  • Increase students’ knowledge and skills as researchers, scholars and professional writers
  • Give the student the opportunity to develop, implement and evaluate research projects through the doctoral dissertation