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Education Administration Certification Careers

What Can I Do With A Education Administrative Certification Program?

School Administrator1

Prepare for a leadership position within the field of public education with a different Rank 1 certifications, including School Principal. The BLS projects an 4 percent growth rate for elementary, middle and high school principals by 2028. And as of 2019, the median annual wage for school principals was $96,400.

Instructional Coordinator2

Your Education Administration certification can give you the tools you need to develop instructional material and coordinate educational content – preparing you for a role as an Instructional Coordinator. It’s a position with a 2019 average median pay of $66,290 and a BLS-projected 6 percent rise in job openings by 2028.


Depending on the specific concentration you pursue for your certification, your Education Administration program can help you prepare for a number of careers in public, private and higher education, including:

  • Director of Pupil Personnel
  • Director of Special Education
  • School Superintendent
  • Lead Teacher

$66,290 Median Annual Pay for Instructional Coordinators2

1High School Teachers
2Instructional Coordinator