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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the MBA?

The program of study for the MBA must be completed within six (6) years of enrolling in the first course of the program. Any request for extension of this time limit must be approved by the Program Director.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in business in order to be admitted to the MBA Program?

No, students in the MBA Program are not required to have an undergraduate degree in Business. However, applicants that do not possess an undergraduate degree in business may be required to complete foundational business courses. These undergraduate business prerequisites include: Principles of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing, as well as Statistics. Undergraduate business prerequisites needed is determined by a review of the applicant’s transcript(s).

How many hours do I need each semester to be considered a full-time student?

A full-time student in the MBA Program must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) hours per semester.

What is the cost of tuition for the MBA Program?

Tuition for the MBA Program is $355 per credit hour. 

I have completed graduate coursework at another institution. Will any of this coursework transfer?

A maximum of six (6) semester hours of elective credit may be transferred from an accredited institution of higher learning. These transfer credits must be in courses equivalent to electives in the program. All graduate course work must have a minimum grade of "B." All transfer credits must be approved by the program director and the Registrar, and must have been earned within the previous six years.