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Master's in Global Business with Blockchain Technology Mission and Goals

The Master in Global Business with Blockchain Technology degree program is designed to give business and IT professionals an in-depth understanding of the issues and components associated with blockchain technology, equipping them with the core concepts, frameworks and techniques necessary to lead and implement blockchain initiatives in a business environment. Graduates of this master’s degree program will have the skills needed to step into a relevant management or leadership position within an organization and be successful.

Through the program’s coursework, clinical experiences and research activities, graduates of this master’s degree program will understand how to:

  • Develop blockchain applications with a modern programming language
  • Use cryptography techniques to secure data
  • Apply data mining techniques to Blockchain Technology
  • Implement database solutions in the context of Blockchain Technology
  • Evaluate an organization’s infrastructure to prevent future security attacks
  • Analyze how Blockchain impacts the financial industry, marketing, and human resources
  • Explore how Blockchain can be utilized in diverse businesses
  • Assess ways to use Blockchain technology in an organization

C|BP Ready
Graduates will have gained a basic understanding of blockchain and crypto assets, giving them the information, skills and insights needed to sit for the internationally recognized C|BP (Certified Blockchain Professional) certification exam.