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online nursing master's program missions & goals


The vision of the online nursing master's program is that the faculty, focusing on the application of clinical reasoning, research, evidence-based practice, collaboration, and leadership skills, will produce graduates that are prepared to become leaders, educators, researchers and clinicians in the nursing profession and to work in collaborative teams in a variety of settings including universities, health service organizations, primary care facilities, research centers, case management and political/legislative settings.


The University of the Cumberlands' Nursing Program Mission, Philosophy, Goals, Program Outcomes, and Values reflect and support the University's mission and vision. Our mission is to provide accessible and innovative higher education to shape the profession of nursing and the health care environment by developing leaders in education, research, and practice. 

The philosophy of the Family Nurse Practitioner - Online Nursing Master's program is based on the premise that advanced practice nurses provide an avenue for access to healthcare for millions of Americans, especially rural populations, through health promotion, prevention, and management of disease of individuals across the lifespan. Family Nurse Practitioners utilize a unique blend of clinical practice expertise with evidence-based practice, current practice guidelines, as well as holistic care in order to provide health management, promote wellness and relieve suffering. Advanced practice nurses impact global healthcare by providing diverse and culturally-sensitive medical care to all populations through a comprehensive approach integrating theory, research, technology, interprofessional collaboration, and evidence-based practice. In the online family nurse practitioner program concentration, students build upon Baccalaureate education and acquire theoretical and specific knowledge to meet health care needs and expand their scope of practice. The Online Nursing Master's Program establishes a foundation for doctoral education in nursing and for continued personal and professional development, as well as empowering the student to recognize the ethical, legislative, economic, regulatory and political aspects that define the scope of professional nursing practice. The curriculum provides the student with a theoretical foundation to practice respectful and sensitive, professional nursing within the primary family practice setting.

The University of the Cumberland’s Department of Nursing upholds that Family Nurse Practitioners can effectively be utilized to empower individuals, families, groups, and communities to achieve their highest levels of self-care competence. The nursing faculty is committed to planning and implementing a quality graduate program for registered nurses that promotes intellectual, personal, ethical and cultural development and the ability to think critically through knowledge and experience.

Students in the Online Nursing Master's Program are adult learners. As such, family nurse practitioner students are viewed as self-directed, active learners who can identify their needs for knowledge, select the strategies that best facilitate their learning, link new knowledge with their current knowledge and utilize faculty feedback to improve their learning.