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Rank I Certification Mission and Goals

Online Rank I Teaching Certification

Since the University’s establishment in 1888, teacher education has played an integral role, helping to form our identity and further our institutional pursuits.  The School of Education will provide strong initial and advanced academic programs to teacher candidates and other school personnel that instill in them a commitment to a strong work ethic and prepare them for lives committed to excellence, professional integrity, and leadership that will impact candidate learning. By being Reflective Constructors of Quality Learning Experiences through Critical Thinking, graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, dispositions and spiritual values that will serve the needs of a diverse learning community.

The online teaching and education degree programs are designed for candidates who desire to hold a teaching certificate as well as those who wish to further their education by earning an advanced teaching degree or advanced teaching certification online.

The overall goal at the School of Education supports the University’s goal to provide learning experiences that enable graduates to become leaders in moral deliberation, to use their reflective-critical thinking and problem-solving skills to become productive members of a democratic society.  Furthermore, graduate level online teaching programs seek to provide:

  • Graduate programs leading to the completion of certification or degree will provide an extensive awareness of current issues and trends within its field of study
  • Graduate programs leading to the completion of certification or degree will provide academic and practical experiences to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions within its field of study
  • Graduate Programs will train qualified, ethical teachers and administrators in competencies leading to certification-licensure in approved programs that serve the technological and diverse demands of public and private schools
  • Graduate programs instill leadership qualities within graduate candidates that may effectuate meaningful educational change