Course Descriptions

ESS000. Intercolegiate Sports Participation

Credit earned by athletes for full season participation in a varsity sport. Credit is awarded on a one-time basis only. Credit, 1 hour. Offered fall and spring semesters.

ESS004. Ballroom Dancing

This course introduces the fundamentals of ballroom dances. Emphasis is placed on basic dance techniques, dances and a brief history of ballroom dance. Upon completion students should be able to demonstrate specific dance skills and perform dances such as the swing, foxtrot, waltz and chacha. Credit, 1 hour. Offered as needed.

ESS007. Walking

This course emphasizes the physical, mental and social benefits of walking. Covers the basic concepts involved in safely and effectively improving cardiovascular fitness through walking. Credit, 1 hour. Offered as needed.

ESS008. Weight Training

An introduction to the basics of weight training. Emphasis is placed on developing muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle tone. Upon completion, students should be able to establish and implement a lifetime personal weight training program. Credit, 1 hour. Offered as needed.

ESS010. Whiffle Ball

This course introduces the fundamentals of the game of whiffle ball. Emphasis is placed on skill development, knowledge of the rules and basic game strategy. Credit, 1 hour. Offered as needed.

ESS013. Archery

This course covers the basic fundamentals of archery. Emphasis is placed on safety guidelines, teaching/coaching techniques, and equipment up keep. Upon successful completion, students will be BAI (Basic Archery Instructor) certified. Credit, 1 hour. Offered fall and spring semesters.

ESS014. Yoga

This course covers the fundamentals of yoga including basic yoga poses, breathing and relaxation. It is designed for beginners as well as experienced students with modifications demonstrated for all poses. Yoga can be beneficial for “any body” in areas such as stress management, flexibility, focus, strength, endurance, and for one’s overall health. Upon completion, the student will be able to continue a yoga practice on his/her own. Credit, 1 hour. Offered as needed.

ESS016. Lifetime Fitness Activies Outdoors

This course is designed to provide opportunities for group and individual fitness activities with the emphasis on understanding the principles and techniques of fitness activities. Upon completion, students should have the knowledge and basic skills to participate in a variety of activities that can be continued for a lifetime of healthy physical activity. Credit 1, Offered as needed.

ESS131. Intro to Health Exercise & Sport Science

By using a wide range of topics, the breadth of the field is examined through the investigation of historical influences to current and future issues. This course surveys both teaching and non-teaching professions and disciplines within the field. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall and spring semesters.

ESS221. Growth and Movement Development

Theoretical and practical application of movement development from reflexive to movement acquisition will be explored by way of growth and movement education. This course will also investigate the influence of biological and environmental constraints on growth and movement development for diverse populations. Recommended – HESS 233. Credit, 2 hours. Offered spring semester.