Course Descriptions

GEOG131. Introduction to Human Geography

This course is designed to build and apply a geographic vocabulary and an understanding of approaches to geographic study with a respect to human culture and population. The course pays particular attention to both cultural features as they have developed and spread across space and time. Credit, 3 hours

GEOG231. Environmental Geography

The course provides thematic exploration of the earth with particular attention to its relationship with the sun and other bodies in space as well as human interaction with its natural environments. Special attention is given to interplay between sustainable human population and the natural environment, including potential hazards resulting from natural disaster, human activities, and settlement patterns. Credit, 3 hrs. Offered spring semesters.

HIST137. World Civilization to 1648

A historical study of the development of mankind from the ancient times to approximately 1648. The course will emphasize those forces which have influenced present-day Western Europe and the United States. It will also, however, give the student an introduction to the rest of the major civilizations of the world. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall and spring semesters.

HIST138. World Civilization since 1648

A continuation of HIST 137 from approximately 1648 to the modern times. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall and spring semesters.

HIST224. Research Mechanics

A study of the citations used in the Department along with techniques of historical and political science research. The course will also include the study of some major historians. Credit, 2 hours.

HIST225. Research Composition

The preparation of a historical or political science paper. This course should be taken in the sophomore year. Prerequisites: HIST 224. Credit, 2 hours.

HIST231. American History to 1877

A study of the origin and development of American society and institutions from the beginning of the colonial period through Reconstruction. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall and spring semesters.

HIST232. American History since 1877

A continuation of HIST 231, spanning the period from 1877 to the present. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall and spring semesters.

HIST330. Topics in History

A general study of a historical topic designed to appeal to a broad student population. No Prerequisites. Credit, 3 hours. Offered as needed.

HIST331. Kentucky History

A survey of Kentucky history from 1750 to the present. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall semester, even years.