Dr. Oline Carmical, Jr Professor
Office:Bennett Building 019

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Dr. Oline Carmical, a native of Evarts, Kentucky, graduated from Cumberland College in 1966 with a B.A. in History. Eight years later, after earning both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in History from the University of Kentucky, he was invited to return to Cumberland College as a member of the faculty. In 1984, as the recipient of the prestigious James Still Fellowship, he completed post-doctoral study at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Carmical specializes in United States constitutional and legal history, British North American colonial history, and pre-19 th century west European expansion and government. He is a member of the American Historical Association, the Southern Historical Association, and the Organization of American Historians.

For students engaged in research, Dr. Carmical’s office is frequently a first stop. Within the department, he is referred to as the "library man," in recognition of his encyclopedic knowledge of works published in all areas of history and political science.

Courses Taught
•HIST 231 American History to 1877
•HIST 232 American History since 1877
•HIST 330 Topics in History: The B-Western Film, 1929-1954
•HIST 331 Kentucky
•HIST 333 American Diplomacy
•HIST 430 Selected Topics: The Middle Period in American History, 1789-1850
•HIST 431 Early America
•POLS 234 State and Local Government
•POLS 432 The American Constitution
•POLS 430 Selected Topics: British Constitution
•HIST 630 Social Studies’ Subject Matter Resources

Publications and Presentations

"The B-Western Film, 1929-1954." Phi Alpha Theta Lecture, Cumberland College, Williamsburg, KY, Fall 1999.

"Plans of Union, 1634-1783: A Study and Reappraisal of Proposals for Uniting England’s North American Colonies." Kentucky-Tennessee Chapter of the American Studies Association, March 1990.

Dr. D. Bruce Hicks Associate Professor
Office:Bennett Building 018

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Dr. Bruce Hicks earned the first of three advanced degrees at Furman University, completing a B.A. in Political Science in 1975, followed by an M.Ed. in Social Science Education at North Georgia College in 1981. In 1986, while a doctoral candidate in political science at Emory University, Dr. Hicks joined the Cumberland College faculty. He was awarded the Ph.D. in 1987.

Dr. Hicks, whose areas of expertise include political theory, American politics, and American foreign policy, is a member of the American Political Science Association and of the Kentucky Political Science Association, which elected him President for 2001-2002. Along with colleague Dr. Al Pilant, Dr. Hicks serves as faculty advisor for the Student Government Association.

Courses Taught
•POLS 131 Introduction to Political Science
•POLS 233 American National Government
•POLS 234 State and Local Government
•POLS 332 Public Opinion and Voting
•POLS 334 Congress
•POLS 335 The American Presidency
•POLS 336 Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Media
•POLS 338 Comparative Government
•POLS 430 Selected Topics
•POLS 433 Western Political Theory I
•POLS 434 Western Political Theory II
•POLS 437 Public Administration and Public Policy
•POLS 490 Issues in Political Science

Publications and Presentations

“Lifting the Arms Embargo on the Bosnian Muslims: Secret Diplomacy or Covert Action?” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, 18, no.2 (Summer 2005), 246-261.

"”Bureaucratic Politics and the 9/11 Attacks: The Case of F. B. I. Agent John o’ Neill.” Kentucky Political Science Association Conference, Bowling Green, KY, 2005

"Presidential Foreign Policy Prerogative After the Iran-Contra Affair." Presidential Studies Quarterly, vol. 24, no. 4 (Fall 1996), pp. 962-977.

"Dueling Decisions: Contrasting Constitutional Visions of the United States President’s Foreign Policy Role." Policy Studies Journal, vol. 24, no. 2 (Summer 1996), pp. 245-258.

"Internal Competition Over Foreign Policy Making: The Case of U.S. Arms Sales to Iran." Policy Studies Review, vol. 9, no. 3 (Spring 1990), pp 471-484.

Dr. Christopher Leskiw Professor of Political Science | Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Office:Bennett Building 017

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Dr. Christopher Leskiw attended Niagara University and earned a B.A. in Political Science, Summa Cum Laude, in 1997. He attended Vanderbilt University where he was awarded an M.A. in Political Science, followed by a Ph.D. in Political Science in 2002.

Since joining the UC faculty in 2004, he was awarded the Faculty Excellence Award in 2008, The William T. Miles Community Service Award in 2008, and was the “Honored Professor 2007-2008” as selected by the Student Government Organization.

His research interests focus on American Foreign policy as well as the role of culture in politics and decision making.

Courses Taught

• American Foreign Policy
• Introduction to International Relations
• Introduction to Political Science
• International Law
• International Organizations
• Law and Legal Education
• Model United Nations
• Developing Democracies
• Comparative Government
• Modern Political Ideologies
• American National Government (online)
• Insurgency and Counterinsurgency
• Foreign Policy Decision Making (grad. online)
• Methods and Materials of Social Studies

Conference Presentations

Panel Discussant: Comparative Paper Panel at the Kentucky Political Science Association 48th Annual Meeting March 6th & 7th 2009. University of Louisville

“When Friends are Foes: Alliance Behavior and Interstate War,” (with John Vasquez and Paul Senese), presented at the Annual International Studies Association Convention, March 17-22, 2004, Montreal, Canada.

“Building Bridges: Intergovernmental Organizations and the Development of Interstate Rivalry,” (with Brandon Valeriano) presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, August 27-September 1, 2003, Philadelphia, PA.

“International Organizations and Interstate Conflict,” presented at the Annual International Studies Association Convention, March 24-27, 2002, New Orleans, LA

“The Weight of Issues: Revisionist Claims and International Conflict,” presented at the annual Peace Science Society (International) Meeting, October 26-28, 2001. Emory University, Georgia

“Shadows of the Past: Construction of an Index that Measures Escalation of Intensity Between Recurrent Disputes,” Presented at the International Studies Association 2000 Convention, March 14-18, Los Angeles, California

“IGO Membership as an Element of System Structure,” (with Meredith Reid Sarkees) Presented at the annual Peace Science Society (International) Meeting, November 1997, Indianapolis, Indiana

Television and Print Media

“The Status of the Surge in Iraq” A roundtable discussion on Kentucky Tonight; an. Emmy-award winning statewide public affairs program on Kentucky’s PBS affiliate, KET 1. May 28, 2007

“Greater U.N. Presence Would Help U.S. in Iraq” Op-Ed article in the Lexington Herald-Leader on October 16, 2006

“The War in Iraq” A roundtable discussion and call in show. Kentucky Tonight; an Emmy-award winning statewide public affairs program on Kentucky’s PBS affiliate, KET 1. July 3, 2006

Campus Presentations

“My walk with Mountain Outreach” Campus Ministries Upperclassman Convocation, January 26, 2009. Gatliff Chapel, University of the Cumberlands.

“Health Care Reform” Debate with Dr. Michael Dickman, sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, Convocation Make-up Lecture. October 27, 2009, University of the Cumberlands.

“The Politics of Food Distribution” a discussion. Critical Thinking Series: Center for Teaching and Learning. February, 2009, University of the Cumberlands.

“Mountain Outreach Semester Projects” Campus Ministries Upperclassman Convocation, January, 2009. Gatliff Chapel, University of the Cumberlands.

“Iraq: A discussion of American Foreign Policy” Debate with Dr. Bruce Hicks, sponsored by the College Republicans, March 11, 2008. Gatliff Chapel, University of the Cumberlands

“Is Mountain Outreach for me?” Campus Ministries Upperclassman Convocation, January 23, 2008. Gatliff Chapel, University of the Cumberlands.

“US Foreign Policy Toward Cuba” The 2007 Claude Pepper Oratory Competition, judge and commentator. February 22, 2007. University of the Cumberlands.

“Improving Student Involvement Using Debates in Class”, presentation and discussion. Center for Teaching and Learning. October 4, 2006. University of the Cumberlands.

“Stolen Childhoods” Film and faculty discussion. Center for Teaching and Learning. March 1, 2006. University of the Cumberlands.

“Over the Falls Without A Barrel? The Bush Doctrine and the Post 9/11 World” Phi Alpha Theta, Convocation Lecture. April 12, 2005. Cumberland College.


Faculty Research Fellowship from the Appalachian College Association (ACA) 2010-2011 (with Eric Stephens).

Faculty Excellence Award 2008

The William T. Miles Community Service Award 2008

“Honored Professor 2007-2008” selected by the Student Government Organization.

University Fellow for Service Learning 2003-2004, The University of Vermont Office of Community-University Partnerships and Service-Learning

Dr. M.C. Smith Associate Professor
Office:Bennett Building 020

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Dr. M. C. Smith is a native of Cullman, Alabama and received a B. A. in History from Samford University in 1984. After a brief stint as a newspaper editor he entered the graduate program at Auburn University, earning both an M.A. (1992) and Ph.D. (2000) in History. Since then he has held visiting positions with Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC, Clarion University in Clarion, PA, The United States Military Academy in West Point, NY and Texas A&M International University in Laredo, TX.

Dr. Smith’s primary area of interest is European history, with a heavy emphasis on Military, Colonial and Imperial British History. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the Legion of Ancient Historians and often a member of the American Historical Association. In 2005 he became a Fellow of the West Point Summer Seminar in Military History.

Courses Taught
• HIST 137 World Civilization to 1648

•HIST 138 World Civilization since 1648

•HIST 330 American Military History

•HIST 335 Twentieth-Century Europe

•HIST 490 History of Ireland

Books and Articles

“’We Give the Afreedeeman Fits:’ The Tirah Campaign, 1897,” Small Wars and Insurgencies.

“Breaking Traditions: Lord Roberts and the Boer War Victoria Crosses,” South African Journal of Military History. December 2001.

Afghanistan, Ashanti Wars, Winston Churchill, Crimean War, Horatio Kitchener, Ndebele, Horatio Nelson, Henry Temple Lord Palmerston, Shaka Zulu, Henry Morton Stanley, articles in Colonialism: An International Social, Cultural and Political Encyclopedia. Melvin Page, General Editor , ABC-CLIO, 2003.

Awarded for Valour. Palgrave Macmillan: Great Britain, 2008.


“’We Give the Afreedeeman Fits:’ The Tirah Campaign of 1897,” Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Washington D.C. , January 2004.

“Military Effectiveness in Afghan Hill Warfare: The British Experience,” Ohio Valley Historical Conference, Austin-Peay University, October 2002.

“’You Have to Shoot Somebody.’ A Paradigm Shift in Heroism: The Victoria Cross and the Great War,” War and Virtual War: The Challenges to Communities Interdisciplinary Symposium. Mansfield College, Oxford University, July 2002.

“Gender and Heroism in the British Army,” Southern Conference on British Studies. New Orleans, 2001.

“Afghan Hill Warfare in Historical Perspective,” Community Dialogue Series, Session II, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 2001.

“Forgotten VCs of the Pacific Theater,” WW II Roundtable, UNC-Asheville, 2000.

“Women and the Victoria Cross,” Missouri Valley Historical Conference, Omaha, 1999.