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What Can I Do With A Biology Education Degree?

High School Teacher1

After completing this teaching degree in biology program, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, degree and certification you’ll need to start your Biology teaching career. The demand for high school teachers is projected to hold steady at 4 percent growth rate through to 2028, and the current median income is at a healthy $61,660 annually.

Postsecondary Instructor2

You can also continue your education in graduate studies to prepare for a career in a number of fields, including postsecondary education as a college or university professor where the median annual salary is $79,540, employment opportunities are projected to grow 11 percent over the next decade or so.

Natural Sciences Manager3

Or use your education as a springboard into the field of scientific study as a Clinical Researcher … or as a Natural Sciences Manager where the salary averages $129,100 per year.


  • High School Biology Teacher
  • Science Tutor
  • Biology Professor
  • Biology Instructor
  • Professor of Molecular Biology
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Life Scientist
  • Research Coordinator
  • Natural Sciences Manager

"$129,110" Median Annual Pay for Natural Sciences Managers1

1High School Teachers
2Postsecondary Teachers
3Natural Sciences Managers