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What Can I Do With A Church Music Degree?

Below are potential church music jobs that you could be eligible for:

Musician or Singer1

A degree in church music gives you the skills to perform in and lead music within worship services, helping further God’s plan through a shared enjoyment of music. Pursue a career as a performer in a church with a median salary for singers and musicians of $30.39 an hour.

Or you could use those skills to tutor others – on an hourly basis – on the musical instrument of your choice. Including vocals.

High School Teacher2

Take your tutoring skills to the next level by pursuing a career as a high school music teacher, where certified teachers average a salary of $61,660 per year.


  • Musician
  • Director
  • Singer
  • Worship Leader
  • Gospel Singer
  • Choir Member
  • Choir Leader
  • Choir Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Music Teacher

"4 Percent" Projected Growth Rate for High School Teachers by 2028

1Musicians and Singers
2High School Teachers