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Mission and Goals

The bachelor's in criminal justice mission is to provide students with an understanding of the roles of society and law enforcement, how these two entities interact and how to appropriately respond to inadmissible behavior. Criminal justice courses help students develop leadership, research and writing skills and strengthen critical thinking skills. Upon completing the bachelor's in criminal justice, students are prepared to pursue graduate studies or enter the field of criminal justice as ethical, effective professionals.

Program Goals

  1. To provide students with a core knowledge base in criminal justice in order to prepare them for their chosen careers within the justice field and/or graduate studies.
  2. To enhance understanding of the roles of society and law enforcement in response to deviant behavior.
  3. To appreciate the diversity of humanity and understand how cultural factors impact consumers of the criminal justice system.
  4. To strengthen critical thinking skills by fostering an understanding of deviance and clarifying personal values related to working with deviant populations.
  5. To cultivate an understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods of research and writing applicable to the criminal justice field.