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What Can I Do With This Elementary Education Degree?


Elementary Teacher1

Equip yourself for a fulfilling teaching career with a degree – and certification – in elementary education. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers make a median salary of $59,420 per year. And the field itself is growing, 3 percent by 2028.

Postsecondary Instructor2

Perhaps you’re more interested in passing along what you’ve learned about early childhood education to an older student base – teaching the teachers. With a median annual salary of $79,540, employment of postsecondary teachers is projected to grow 11 percent over the next decade.

Or you could pursue a career in other fields altogether. With the solid foundation of critical thinking and people skills an education degree provides, you’ll be well prepared to pursue a variety of professional positions.


  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Classroom Teacher
  • 1st – 6th Grade Teacher
  • General Educational Development Instructor
  • Professor
  • Adult Education Instructor
  • College Instructor

"11 Percent" Projected Growth Rate for Postsecondary Teachers by 20282

1Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers
2Postsecondary Teachers