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Mission and Goals

The mission of the English teacher certification program is to prepare English majors for a successful future as educators who motivate and inspire their students. Candidates design and implement literacy instruction derived from careful analysis of student performance data. Candidates also become adept at reflecting on student learning outcomes, which helps guide their future practice and plan professional development that addresses targeted areas for their own individual growth. Through the English teacher degree program, candidates learn to manage the student learning experience from beginning to end, with thoughtful consideration given to classroom procedures, student assessment, and active learning strategies that facilitate a constructivist approach.

The purpose of educator preparation programs at University of the Cumberlands is to prepare candidates in the use of research-based pedagogical practice, enabling them to address the diverse needs of P-12 students throughout Kentucky and beyond. English teacher majors learn to apply content knowledge in a manner consistent with state and national expectations. Through the program, candidates learn to exemplify the dispositions of communication, critical/creative thinking, and professionalism.

To accomplish this purpose, the School of Education implements rigorous coursework aligned to state/national standards. The School also prescribes field/clinical experiences aligned to coursework, creating meaningful connections between educational theory and practice. Finally, candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in knowledge, skills, and dispositions at various formative and summative checkpoints throughout the program.