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What Can I Do With This Education Degree?

Middle School Teacher1

The middle school education degree from University of the Cumberlands will prepare you for a career as a middle school or junior high teacher in the two subject areas you choose to specialize in.

The need for qualified middle school teachers is expected to hold steady at a 3 percent growth rate through to 2028. Currently, the median annual salary is a healthy $59,660.

High School Teacher2

If you’re interested in putting in the time to teach a slightly older student age range, with a median annual salary of $61,660 the employment rate for high school teachers is also projected to grow 4 percent over the next decade.


  • Middle School Teacher – variety of subject areas
  • Junior High Teacher – variety of subject areas
  • High School Teacher – variety of subject areas
  • Educational Consultant
  • Textbook Representative

"$59,660" Median Annual Pay for Middle School Teachers1

1Middle School Teachers
2High School Teachers