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What Can I Do With This Physics Degree?

High School Teacher1

After completing your degree with a physics certification, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career as a high school physics teacher, where the median income is currently $59,170 and the job growth rate is projected to hold steady at 4 percent over the next decade. Plus, this program encourages you to combine physics with mathematics or chemistry to increase your hiring flexibility.

Postsecondary Instructor2

This program can also help you pursue a postsecondary teaching position where, with a median annual salary of $79,540, employment opportunities are projected to grow 11 percent by 2028.


  • High School Physics Teacher
  • Math and Physics Instructor
  • Physical Science Teacher
  • Professor of Physics
  • Physics Instructor
  • Physics Faculty
  • Tutor

"$59,170" Median Annual Pay for High School Teachers1

1High School Teachers
2Postsecondary Teachers