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Mission and Goals

The mission of the bachelor of science in psychology is to prepare students for a variety of careers, from marketing to management to clinical psychology, counseling and more.

The bachelor's in psychology program offers a wide range of courses reflecting the diversity of the discipline as well as the interests of the students and faculty.  Courses are designed to provide an educational background appropriate to a liberal arts program, prepare students for careers in areas that value a bachelor's in psychology, and provide a strong foundation for graduate study.

Earning a bachelor of science in psychology degree from University of the Cumberlands positions students well for professional study in business, law, education, medicine, mental health treatment, and numerous other areas. Students leave with an intricate understanding of how to work with others, having acquired counseling skills which will be invaluable to their work. Once students hit the workforce, the critical thinking and people skills they developed in the psychology program work to their advantage, granting them countless opportunities to expand their knowledge and impact those around them.