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Mission and Goals

The purpose of the Online Associate's in Business Administration Degree Program is to develop intelligent and professionally competent business decision-makers. These ethically responsible graduates should be prepared to lead in a global marketplace of the 21st century. Through the combination of liberal arts and business curricula, we aim to prepare business leaders who have acquired a well-rounded body of knowledge which results in insightful thinking skills, effective communication skills, strong analytical skills, and well-organized information management skills. The Online Business Administration Degree Program will prepare individuals to embark upon successful careers in business and government or undertake advanced study.

Online Associate Degree in Business Administration Program Goals:

  • Assess personal values and connect to ethical behaviors appropriate to their intended field
  • Develop critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary competence relevant to create problem-solving strategies
  • Refine communication skills
  • Cultivate an awareness of the active nature of technology necessitating lifelong learning while developing technology-based skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Build leadership and team skills