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Mission and Goals

Early Childhood Education Bachelors Degree online Mission & Goals

University of the Cumberlands’ School of Education is on a mission to help education students develop into highly qualified, knowledgeable and caring teachers. Acknowledging that all children can learn, the School of Education's responsibility is to provide training and experiences using best practices for teacher education candidates.

The Early Childhood Education Bachelors Degree online program reflects that mission. It is designed to prepare and develop students into teachers and education leaders by providing rigorous coursework, as well as field and clinical experiences, that will enable them to positively affect student achievement.

Early Childhood Education Bachelors Degree Online Program Goals:

The goal of preparing candidates to serve as effective Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Educators is simple: help prepare all children to be Ready to Grow...Ready to Learn...Ready to Succeed.

The School of Education, through programs like the early childhood education program, also seeks to:

  • Offer undergraduate programs based upon a strong liberal arts background and to foster both reflective and critical thinking skills – ultimately developing highly qualified, knowledgeable and caring teachers who provide for diverse learners
  • Provide the pedagogical instructional methods necessary to meet the Kentucky Teacher Standards and University of the Cumberlands' Standards
  • Advance student abilities to critically reflect and assess their own skills, thereby providing the opportunity for growth
  • Foster and develop appreciation and refinement of ethical and Christian moral values in future teachers
  • Develop oral, written and information literacy skills
  • Deliver a high quality, affordable, online education to non-traditional teacher candidates