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What Can I Do With This Pre-Pharmacy Degree?

Pharmacy Programs

Perhaps second only to the family doctor, pharmacists1 are one of the most trusted healthcare professionals around. Not a bad occupation. With undergraduate studies in chemistry, you’ll have the background you need to fulfill entrance requirements for graduate programs in most schools of pharmacy. Job growth in the industry is projected to grow 0 percent by 2028, with a median wage of $128,090 annually.


Apart from continuing post-graduate studies, a chemistry degree from University of the Cumberlands also offers a solid degree path, in and of itself, to a career. For example, a chemist. In a field projected to grow 4 percent over the better part of the next decade, chemists and material scientists earn a median wage of $78,790 annually.

Natural Sciences Manager3

A chemistry degree can also provide the scientific foundation you need to work in, and even manage, laboratories and scientific studies. The median wage for Natural Sciences Managers is $129,100 per year with an expected growth rate of 6 percent up to 2028.


  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Manager
  • Chemist
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Natural Sciences Manager
  • Laboratory Director

"$128,090" Median Annual Pay for Pharmacists1

2Chemists and Material Scientists
3Natural Sciences Managers