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What Can I Do With This Pre-Physical Therapy Degree?

Physical Therapy Program1

Our pre-physical therapy program – with majors in biology or chemistry – is designed to help students fulfill entrance requirements for relevant post-graduate degree programs. Health-related careers are on the rise all over, including opportunities for physical therapists1.  With a median wage of $89,440 per year, employment of physical therapists is projected to grow 22 percent over the next decade.


A chemistry degree from University of the Cumberlands also has solid career prospects – including as a chemist. In a field projected to grow 4 percent over the better part of the next decade, chemists and material scientists earn a median wage of $78,790 annually.

Natural Sciences Manager3

A biology is also a solid degree path to a career, in and of itself. With it, you’ll have the scientific foundation you need to work in, and even manage, laboratories and scientific studies. The median wage for Natural Sciences Managers is $129,100 per year with an expected growth rate of 6 percent up to 2028.


  • Outpatient Physical Therapist
  • Registered Physical Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Services Director
  • Chemist
  • Natural Sciences Manager
  • Laboratory Director
  • Clinical Researcher

"22 Percent" Projected Growth Rate for Physical Therapists by 20281

1Physical Therapists
2Chemists and Material Scientists
3Natural Sciences Managers