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Study Abroad - Belize

UC Students in Belize Mayan Village

Tropical Ecology and Conservation: Belize is a 3-hour upper-level UC biology course which focuses on the ecology and conservation of selected tropical ecosystems of Belize. Through visits to a variety of habitats throughout Belize, students experience the unique biology of the tropics. Students conduct observations and investigations into various ecological relationships, with a focus on tropical biodiversity, particularly birds and small mammals. Conservation and the impact and use of tropical ecosystems by man are explored through visits to local communities, field stations, and nature preserves.  Class meetings will take place on campus to prepare for the trip to Belize which lasts approximately 10 days.  This class is offered every other year, usually over Christmas break or spring break.

For more information about Belize, please contact Biology Professor Dr. Sara Ash:
(606) 539-4308