Tuition & Fees

Freshmen and New Transfer Student rates for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Tuition & Fees: $23,000
Room & Board: $9,000

2017-2018 Tuition, Fees, Room & Board
Tuition Fees Per Term
01.0 - 11.5 Hours (Part-time)Per Hour Fee$ 720
12.0 - 18.5 Hours (Full-time)Flat Fee$ 11,320
19.0 Hours (Overload)Flat Fee$ 11,380
19.5 Hours (Overload)Flat Fee$ 11,440
20.0 Hours (Overload)Flat Fee$11,500
20.5 Hours (Overload)Flat Fee$11,560
21.0 Hours (Overload)Flat Fee$11,620
21.5 Hours (Overload)Flat Fee$11,680
All fees below are in addition to the Tuition Fees above.
Student Activity Fee  
01.0 - 05.5 HoursFlat Fee$ 13
06.0 - 11.5 HoursFlat Fee$ 25
12.0 + HoursFlat Fee$ 50
Technology/Campus Network Fee  
01-0 - 05.5 HoursFlat Fee$ 43
06.0 - 11.5 HoursFlat Fee$ 65
12.0 + HoursFlat Fee$ 130
Room and Board  
Dorm room plus 19 meals per weekFlat Fee$ 4,500
Course Fees  
Education Courses  
EDUC-237Flat Fee$ 50
EDUC-492Flat Fee$ 200
EDUC-493Flat Fee$ 200
ELEM-237Flat Fee$ 50
ELEM-491Flat Fee$ 200
ELMS-237Flat Fee$ 50
ELMS-491Flat Fee$ 200
SPED-237Flat Fee$ 50
SPED-499Flat Fee$ 200
Music Courses  
MUAM-011, 012 or 013Flat Fee$ 75
MUAM-021, 022 or 023Flat Fee$ 150
MUAM-111, 112 or 113Flat Fee$ 75
MUAM-121, 122 or 123Flat Fee$ 150
MUAM-211, 212 or 213Flat Fee$ 75
MUAM-221, 222 or 223Flat Fee$ 150
MUAM-311, 312 or 313Flat Fee$ 75
MUAM-321, 322 or 323Flat Fee$ 150
MUAM-411, 412 or 413Flat Fee$ 75
MUAM-421, 422 or 423Flat Fee$ 150
MUPR-100, 117, or 118Flat Fee$ 50
MUPR-211 through 216Flat Fee$ 50
Health & Human Services Courses  
HLTH-492Flat Fee$ 15
HRSV 461Flat Fee$ 15
Theatre Courses  
THTR 237Flat Fee$ 40
Student Medical Insurance***  
Coverage Period  
Fall Term (Aug.8 - Jan. 7)Flat Fee$ 580***
Spring + Summer Terms (Jan 8 - Aug 7)Flat Fee$ 810***

All students who are participating in inter-collegiate athletics and/or are a non-US citizen, are required to have adequate medical insurance. Students must present evidence of an individual, family or government plan with adequate coverage in order to waive out of the mandatory student health insurance policy. 

It is the student's responsibility to file the required waiver with the University of the Cumberlands Business Office by the required deadlines. If your waiver is not received by the required deadline, you will be enrolled and charged for our current student medical insurance plan.

Online Student Medical Insurance Waiver

***Medical Insurance amount shown is an estimate. This amount is subject to change. International students are enrolled in the medical insurance policy because most service providers in the Williamsburg, KY area will not accept a policy written by a company based outside of the United States, and most policies covering international students operate under a reimbursement program which is not accepted by most non-emergent care providers.

There are no additional student charges associated with verification of student identity.  Any course-specific administrative fees are noted in the course description distributed to the student at the time of registration.

Last updated: 07-03-2017