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Top Job Opportunities in Technology

Top Jobs in Technology - University of the Cumberlands

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 10:00am

Information technology is often cited as a top option for those pursuing both exciting career opportunities and job security. Although promising, this field is far broader than most people suspect.

While a wide-ranging understanding of technology can prove helpful in a variety of industries and positions, specialization is increasingly vital to success. Hence, the importance of obtaining the right degree. Below, we highlight several of the excellent options offered at University of the Cumberlands—as well as the exciting job opportunities these degree programs can make possible.

Exciting Technology Careers

The field of information technology is quickly changing. Professionals equipped with a strong IT foundation—and the willingness to continue gaining new skills—can take advantage of a variety of emerging career opportunities, several of which provide an enticing combination of excitement and impressive pay. Top options include:

Web Developer

Web developers design websites to ensure both aesthetic and functional excellence. Developers may use programming languages to write code or work with graphics experts to determine the layout.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States job market will add 20,900 web development positions by 2028. An associate degree is often sufficient for entry into this career, which delivered a median annual pay of $69,430 in 2018.

Information Security Analyst

The ever-present threat of computer breaches has prompted increased demand for skilled information security analysts. These professionals are responsible for monitoring networks, conducting penetration testing, and installing firewalls and data encryption programs. If breaches occur, information security analysts document them thoroughly to determine the extent of the damage. 

BLS data reveals a 2018 median annual pay of $98,350. They also anticipate an explosive job outlook of 32 percent by 2028.

Forensic Computer Analyst

In the event of a data breach, forensic computer analysts may be called upon to recover lost data. Many assist law enforcement officials in retrieving critical evidence. Often, their work involves combating cybercrime, although they may also contribute to other criminal investigations. According to PayScale, the average forensic computer analyst earns an annual $72,019.

Blockchain Developer

The digital list of records known as the blockchain is rapidly growing—and with it, the need for skilled blockchain developers. These professionals craft critical architecture and protocols. They may also design web apps that use modern blockchain technology.

Skyrocketing demand has prompted a swift jump in wages for modern blockchain developers. According to a Janco Associates survey highlighted in Computer World, blockchain developers command median annual wages of $127,000, with experienced individuals potentially earning over $172,000 each year.

Preparing for a Successful Career in Technology

Given the vast scope of today's technological field, it's important for aspiring professionals to think carefully about preferred career tracks—and the skills that can best equip them for success. University of the Cumberlands offers a variety of programs ranging from the associate level to graduate coursework. Each one offers students a competitive edge in today's most promising technological fields.

Associate or Bachelor of Applied Science

With a broad approach intended to build transferable skills, the Associate and Bachelor of Applied Science center on—as their names imply—the targeted application of technical science. This can take many forms based on the student's selected concentration. The Information Technology track introduces students to a variety of key technological concepts, which can grant them an edge in several exciting career paths.

Associate in Information Technology

Offering a rich overview of the field of IT, the Associate in Information Technology covers critical concepts related to software, hardware, web design, server administration, and more. Students who complete this program can effectively use a variety of information resources and communicate scientific knowledge. This online program offers a flexible solution for students with scheduling needs that might make postsecondary education difficult to pursue elsewhere.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

A top option for students who are technologically inclined and looking to build a strong academic foundation, this program focuses on the fundamentals of IT. Core courses cover databases, business intelligence, and information security and assurance. Students also complete a capstone which allows them to apply recently gained technological knowledge in a practical setting.

Master of Science in Information Systems Security

Ideal for those looking to further their understanding of IT while continuing to make a difference in the field, the Master of Science in Information Systems Security prepares students for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam. The program delves into a discipline committed to mitigating data loss—a concern that is increasingly vital to organizations of all sizes and across a range of industries.

Master of Science in Digital Forensics

The Master of Science in Digital Forensics examines a fascinating and increasingly important IT niche. Graduates emerge prepared to do their part in the fight against cybercrime. This program provides the advanced skills needed to recover data lost to fraud, abuse, and other illegal activities.

Master in Global Business with Blockchain Technology

A unique program targeted at one of the most rapidly growing areas of modern technology, the Master in Global Business with Blockchain Technology centers on the juxtaposition of business and IT. This program employs a valuable blend of research theory and virtual lab exercises to help students explore the many ways blockchain can be integrated into various business niches, including everything from marketing to finance.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Technology

An elite program, the Ph.D. in Information Technology explores advanced concepts such as predictive analytics, enterprise risk management, and information governance. Graduates can look to secure high-level IT positions involving the management of data-driven analytics.

If you are looking to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree, look no further than University of the Cumberlands. With professors who have years of real-world experience in the same field they are teaching, very competitive tuition rates, and a sense of honor in everything we do, why look any further? See what UC can do for you by contacting an admissions counselor for more information.