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Building Cloud-Based Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise

Building Cloud-Based Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise - ITS 532 & ITS 537

ITS 532: This course is designed as a primer for cloud computing which many believe is the third major wave of computing, after mainframe and client-server computing. The course examines this technology from a business perspective. The course is designed to deliver a holistic and balanced view of business model, technological infrastructure, and security issues of cloud computing useful for the technology student to understand the business challenges and the business student to understand the technology challenges.

ITS537: In this course, students uncover the technologies, devices, operating systems and tools behind mobile apps. The course focuses on mobile app development software and students practice creating apps for different devices and on a range of operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Students who complete this certification can expect to learn how to: 

  • Demonstrate skills & understanding of the technologies behind the adoption of cloud for the enterprise including: Data services, AI cloud services, security practices for cloud-based apps, & multi-channel approaches for customer engagement.

About IBM Skills Academy: 
University of the Cumberlands has partnered with IBM Global University, giving students added opportunities to hone their technological talents, learn about tech advancements through high-quality curricula, and perform research to sharpen their skills. Through their coursework, students earn IBM Digital Badges in workforce-relevant IT areas. The badges automatically generate a digital résumé with verified achievements for students and are embedded with links to real-time dynamic labor market data and actual job postings. Thanks to their professors’ expertise and the skills and knowledge they glean from IBM resources, Cumberlands students can build their IT résumé step by step, earning valuable workforce achievements along the way.