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Cumberlands Commitment

The Cumberlands Commitment

The Cumberlands Commitment

We Just Cut Tuition By 57%
Why? Because it’s time.

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Dr. Larry Cockrum

We are committed to putting our students and families first and tackling the problem of inflating tuition costs that plague higher education at large. We strive to offer an investment in a lifetime of return on a college education. We want all students to know that with Cumberlands there is a clear and affordable path to a college degree.

Reduction in tuition for on-campus students
New lower tuition price as part of reduction plan
Commitment to our students

Commitment to Attainability

On September 4, 2018, President Larry Cockrum announced The Cumberlands Commitment. The commitment includes a 57 percent reduction in tuition price, ensuring an affordable college education to any student who pursues their undergraduate degree on our Williamsburg campus. By offering one of the lowest tuition rates of any private institution in Kentucky, a University of the Cumberlands education is now more attainable.

Commited to clarity

Commitment to Clarity

We've made the financial process more transparent and created a path that is more student-centered, while continuing to reward students' academic and athletic achievements. We believe our new pricing model will allow more families to see the true costs of college, realize the value they will receive, and understand that a private college education at Cumberlands is affordable. Every existing on-campus student will benefit from The Cumberlands Commitment. We are investing in our future, and that future is our students.

Commitment to Excellence

We haven't compromised the campus experience by reducing tuition. Our quality academic programs remain rigorous and student-centered in a campus community we invest in every day. By blending the benefits of a liberal arts education with practical career skills, we provide an education designed to give students everything they need to succeed as principled, ethical leaders. We've built a community of faculty and staff dedicated to supporting students through every step of their academic journey, creating the space students need to grow and thrive. After all, students are at the heart of everything we do.

Cumberlands is committed to its students

What this means to Us

Caitlyn Howell '19
Wartrace, TN

I think sophomores and juniors are going to be excited, especially if they have loans or financial difficulty. That's going to tremendously impact how they look at their plan of graduating. And, for me as a senior, it's exciting for people who I know that are coming. I work in admissions and even on tour I will be excited to talk about it. The potential people have to grow and succeed with that is really exciting.

Caitlyn Howell


Dr. Jerry Jackson
Vice President for Enrollment

Dr. Cockrum was absolutely right when he used the term “because it's time.” Tuition costs should not be the first obstacle a student faces when they're making their college choice. We're opening our doors a little bit wider - allowing students to consider University of the Cumberlands.

Dr. Jerry Jackson

Dr. Emily Coleman
Director of Student Services

At its root, the tuition reduction plan is about opportunity. The opportunity for students to graduate with a college degree and limited student loan debt. The opportunity for students to access a private college education at an affordable price. It's all of these things that help UC invest in the future of its students and in the future of this region.

Dr. Emily Coleman


Mr. Larry Rector
Director of Financial Aid

Frankly, I think it's a game changer. The two main concerns I hear from families have to do with affordability and student loans. By cutting our tuition under $10,000 dollars so many more families are going to believe that a private college education is affordable. Student loans are on the rise. This gives the opportunity to greatly reduce student loan demand.

Mr. Larry Rector

Dominick Joseph '19
South Gate, KY

I'm graduating so I won't necessarily benefit from it but other people need it. I've got friends who have been struggling with paying tuition - having to work a couple of jobs and take out loans and things like that. That's huge. That's big. We're going to attract more students because of that. That's for sure. A lot of people are going to come. Wow, that's unbelievable actually.

Dr. Christopher Leskiw
Vice President for Academic Affairs

It's an exciting day at University of the Cumberlands. This new tuition model reaffirms our commitment to student success. Academically, this offers the opportunity to provide a quality education for students from all backgrounds.

Dr. Christopher Leskiw


Mr. Quentin Young
Director of Finance

I thought this would be a great benefit to both current and future students. Some students in the past that may have overlooked University of the Cumberlands due to price, now may see the university as a viable option for them to continue their education. Now, many students can be able to attend the university, a private university, at a lower net price. Financially, and budget speaking we will not see a cut in budgets or a cut in salaries. But, in fact will be an investment - a real true dollar investment - back into our students’ education.

Mr. Quentin Young

Mr. Chase Davis
Director of Admissions

This is an exciting day at University of the Cumberlands. This decision directly addresses the question of college affordability for everyone, especially students in the state of Kentucky. And, I'm excited to see what the future holds.

Mr. Chase Davis



Time to Make
the Commitment

Additional Information

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