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DevOps for Enterprise Business Agility

DevOps for Enterprise Business Agility - ITS 531

This course covers theories and applications of business analytics. The focus is on extracting business intelligence from firms' business data for various applications, including (but not limited to) customer segmentation, customer relationship management (CRM), personalization, online recommendation systems, web mining, and product assortment. The emphasis is placed on the 'know-how' -- knowing how to extract and apply business analytics to improve business decision-making.

Students who complete this certification can expect to learn how to: 

  • Demonstrate skills and understanding of the new joint practice for DevOps business agility combining development and operations topics including: DevOps, Agile Culture, and the use of Toolchains for Continuous Delivery.

About IBM Skills Academy: 
University of the Cumberlands has partnered with IBM Global University, giving students added opportunities to hone their technological talents, learn about tech advancements through high-quality curricula, and perform research to sharpen their skills. Through their coursework, students earn IBM Digital Badges in workforce-relevant IT areas. The badges automatically generate a digital résumé with verified achievements for students and are embedded with links to real-time dynamic labor market data and actual job postings. Thanks to their professors’ expertise and the skills and knowledge they glean from IBM resources, Cumberlands students can build their IT résumé step by step, earning valuable workforce achievements along the way.