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Dr. Clifford Kettemborough

Dr. Clifford Kettemborough
Adjunct Professor

Doctor of Business Administration, Pacific States University, 2010.
Doctor of Education, Specialty: Computer Technology in Education, Nova Southeastern University, 2002.
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, Specialty: Technology Management, University of Santa Barbara, California.
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer & Information Sciences, Pacific Western University, 1989.
Master of Arts, Specialty: Mathematics Education, Western Governors’ University, 2009.
Master of Education, Specialty: Education Leadership, Azusa Pacific University, 2006.
Master of Business Administration, University of La Verne, 1992.
Master of Management Information Systems, West Coast University, 1986.
Master of Science in Computer Science, West Coast University, 1985.
Diplomat (Bachelor of Science with Thesis) in Mathematics/Informatics/Operations Research, University of Bucharest, EU, 1976.

Dr. Clifford (Cliff) R. Kettemborough’s professional background spans over 36 years, last 30 in (senior) management, four times at the director level roles with large, reputable, brand name organizations.  His business and management experience include: developing centers of business and organizational excellence, procurement and supply chain/distribution, global operations, IT and technology-based strategy development, strategic global marketing, business process re-engineering, strategic global business management, continuous quality/process improvement, achieving process and operational excellence, total quality management, systems and software engineering, and technical and organizational leadership.

Dr. Kettemborough’s knowledge, experiences and superior presentation skills makes him very much in demand with numerous training and development organizations as a seminar/workshop leader, as a professor to numerous colleges and universities, or as a guest speaker at professional conferences.  In addition, he is sought by companies wishing to understand how to benefit from knowledge-based economy, digitization, eCommerce, AI (robotics) and Big Data by helping them to improve knowledge processes, increase intellectual capital value, importance of benchmarking, IT valuation and lead major business changes.

Comprehensive formal education: 5 masters; 3 doctoral and over 2 dozen professional certifications, including the most popular/relevant today: Recipient of numerous industry and academics (nationally/international) awards, accolades, and recognitions.

Extensive (28 years) of part-time teaching experiences with over 1,200 courses in IT, Engineering, Business and Management at over 3 dozen of colleges/universities, including overseas, and also providing clients with outstanding and valuable custom corporate training, through seminars, workshops, consulting and facilitation.

A recognized agent of change, visionary and strategic thinker, constantly seeking continuous improvement, a champion’s attitude, with outstanding people skills, holder of corporate values, genuinely talented and with superb servant, 360 proven leadership, diplomacy, and negotiating abilities, always ready for the next challenge, eager to take any organization to the next level!

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