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Dr. Douglas T. Dune

Dr. Douglas T. Dune
Adjunct Professor

PhD Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University, 1999
MS Computer Science, West Coast University, 1985
BS  Computer Science, United States International University, 1980

Dr. Douglas Dune holds a PhD in Computer Science and has over 30 years of academic and private sector experience. He has been associated with various higher education institutions across the globe where he taught computer science and information technology courses to both undergraduate and post graduate students. As an industry consultant Dr. Dune's work and experience includes but not limited to : research in cybersecurity, enterprise systems and artificial intelligence.

Dune, D.T. (2018). Access Control in Payment Instruments: Guarding Against Card Cloning and Fraud. National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Summit, Windhoek.
Dune, D.T. (2017). Curriculum for Training e-Health Clinicians. European Conference on Curriculum Development, Brussels.
Dune, D.T. (2017). Information Assurance in Tele-medical Systems in Remote Regions. National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Summit, Cape Town.
Dune, D.T. (2016). Implementing Effective Scripts with Python in Data Analytics. Synthesis Lectures on Data Management, Atlanta. 
Dune, D. T. & Edgar, V. (2015). Reviewing e-Health Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implementation Processes, Journal of Management Services, 10 –18, Edinburgh.
Dune, D.T. (2015). Trending Towards Drones and Cloud Based Surveillance to Improving Physical Security. National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Summit, Windhoek.
Dune, D.T. (2015). Multilayered Biometric Authentication: Eliminating Access Control Failures in Traditional Systems. SUNY Conference on Instruction & Technology (CIT), Albany.

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