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Dr. Jeff Butterfield

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Adjunct Professor

PhD - Management Science - Information Systems, University of Texas (Austin), 1994
MBA - Operations Management - Indiana University (1991)
BS - Electronic Engineering - Weber State University (1988)

Dr. Butterfield has been teaching university courses full time since 1991.  He was an early pioneer in on-line education and has been actively involved in academic program development, non-traditional student development, program partnerships/consortia, and graduate education.  Dr. Butterfield has also worked as a university administrator for 18 years in positions including: department chair, associate dean - graduate programs, and school director.  

Prior to his career in higher education, Dr. Butterfield worked as an electronic engineer.  His areas of expertise include: Telecommunications/RF engineering, Compliance engineering, Medical-device manufacturing, and offshore production ('maquiladora').   He continues to be active with electronics and communication systems.

Dr. Butterfield started his higher education career as a full-time instructor at the University of Texas teaching senior-level Database Management courses.  After earning his PhD, Dr. Butterfield joined the faculty at the University of Idaho.  During that time, he developed courses in Project Management, Computer Architectures, and Computer Networking.   He designed and built the first specialty computer lab-classroom facilities at the institution and worked to incorporate lab activities across the information systems curriculum.

In 1998, Dr. Butterfield joined the faculty at Western Kentucky University.  During his career there, he built the first 'smart classrooms' and departmentally-managed computer labs at the institution.   He developed WKU's first fully-online degree program and created many successful undergraduate and graduate degree offerings (eMBA, Computer Information Systems, Systems Management, Workforce Administration).   Dr. Butterfield established partnerships with over 40 community and technical colleges and expanded WKU's transfer-student population. 

As part of his administrative responsibilities, Dr. Butterfield managed WKU's Freshman Experience program, general-studies program (both AIS and BIS), prior-learning, and worked closely with the institution's international and military-student offices to accommodate the students' special needs.

In addition to his university work, Dr. Butterfield is also the Soft Skills series author for Cengage Publishing.   He has also worked for 12 years speaking and training in on-line education development across the country.  

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