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Dr. Mahmoud Elsayess

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Adjunct Professor

Ph.D. Information Technology (2018)

Dr. Elsayess has a Ph.D. in information technology (IT) with a specialty in IT knowledge sharing among software developers and a master’s degree in computer science. He has been teaching IT classes and project management for the last 20 years at the University of Phoenix. Additionally, he has over 40 years of working as an IT project manager, supervisor, senior programmer, and programmer using Java, PHP, HTML5, HTML, jQuery Mobile, JavaScript, and COBOL. He believes that the design of a database with security in mind is the foundation of the Cybersecurity defense, Big Data manipulation, Data Security, and Software development.  He is a certified PMI, and his students’ success rate of the first trail is 87 % of their PMP exam.  For his Ph.D. research, he combined three theories and collected data. The multiple linear regression analyses of the collected data from 85 participants answered the research question of ‘to what extent do negotiation and reciprocity relate to knowledge sharing among software developers?’ The result is a prediction of 70 variances in knowledge sharing, the dependent variable. He contends that one method to improve the quality and dependability of software development is knowledge sharing.