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Ms. Geraldine Allen

Ms. Geraldine Allen
Assistant Professor
Luecker Building

Ms. Geraldine Allen has taught in the Art Department since 1995. An alumna of Cumberland College, she earned a B.S. in Art Education in 1978 and an M.A. in Education with Fine Art Emphasis in 1992. Further studies include graduate work in Art Education at the University of Tennessee; photography, digital imaging, and watercolor painting in New Mexico, Kentucky, and Maine. Currently she is completing a dissertation concerning online teaching and learning in the visual arts toward an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership.

Ms. Allen served as a member of Appalachia Artists Guild Board of Directors, 2000-2005; the National Art Education Association, the Kentucky Art Education Association, and Appalachian Photographic Society.

Courses Taught

ART 131 Online Art Appreciation
ART 134 Drawing I
ART 135 Fundamental Design
ART 230 Computer Imaging I
ART 231 Drawing II
ART 331 School Art
ART 332 Watercolor Painting
ART 333 Computer Imaging II
ART 430 Art Education in the Secondary School
ART 431 American Art History
ART 491 Photography