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Directory Update - Faculty & Staff: Directions & Guidelines


  1. Faculty/Staff
  2. Prefix (Ms./Mr./Dr.)
  3. Name First and Last Name (required)
  4. Title (required)
    • If you have multiple titles and will be attached to multiple offices/departments all will be listed. Example: ”Executive Programs Director, Assistant Professor,” Dr. Emily Coleman would input “Vice President of Student Services, Adjunct Professor." List most relevant title first. 
  5. Office or Academic Department (required)
    • Departments will be listed in terms that are understandable to external audience. An example would be that “Business” would include Hutton School of Business, Plaster Graduate School, Accounting, Economics, etc.
  6. Other offices or Academic Department Affiliated (optional)
    • One may work within an office/department on campus and teach in an academic department. Other office/department of report would be listed here. Example would be working directly for Academic Affairs, but teaching within the Business or History department.
  7. Office Location
    • If your office is on campus included building and room number. If your office is not located on campus you can skip this reply or indicate “off campus.”
  8. Office Phone Number
    • Numbers only example: 6065391111
    • This should be the published number that students can reach you at.
  9. Cell Number (optional)
    • Only include if you want this number listed on the UC website.
  10. Expertise/Interest Area (required for faculty only)
    • Identify single word or two-word phrase that capture your area of expertise or interest. Words and phrases should be separated by commas. Limit to four expertise topics.
    • These can help students when looking for faculty with common interests for dissertation committees, publications, and networking.
  11. Education (required for faculty only)
    • Required format is noted below:
      • Degree, Area, Institution, Degree Date (year). Most important is highest degree awarded and from what institution. Example: PhD Leadership, University of the Cumberlands, 2015 MS Information Technology, University of the Cumberlands, 2012 BS Biology, University of the Cumberlands, 2010
  12. Biography (required for faculty only)
    • This is a narrative area where you can expand on your professional experience, current research or the areas of expertise that you identified above. This could be written in the third person. Any affiliations or awards should be included within written bio. Limited to 300 words.

      What You Should Do & Avoid
      • Start with your full name, general interests, and your current project, keeping them all very brief.
      • Include a reference to professional experience including industry, research, or military – again, keeping them all very brief.
      • If you are within a few years of receiving a prestigious award, mention that as well.
      • Finish with a personal note. Add a hobby, pet’s name, city where you live, favorite memory of UC – whatever you are comfortable with that is personal but not too private.
      • Avoid speaking in first person, i.e. don’t use “I.”
      • Don’t divulge too many details beyond your current position.
      • You do not need to include your educational degrees in your bio – they are already include on your same directory page.
  13. Selected Publications, Presentations, & Lectures (optional)
    • It is suggested that faculty go back no more than 4 years in the list of publications and presentations. List chronologically, beginning with most recent. Limited to 10.  Provide Publication or Presentation in APA format.
  14. Link to professional/personal web page (optional)
    • As a platform to expand on topics of professional experience, interest, hobbies, publications, and presentations provide a link for your LinkedIn or other professional/personal webpage for students to access.

Submit Directory Update

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*Log in to form using your UC credentials (email/password)

Upon submission of this Directory Update it must be approved by the Department Chair, once that approval is processed, allow a minimum of two (2) weeks for the update to be reflected on the UC Web Directory.

Attaching Photo

On Campus Faculty/Staff: Please contact marketing and communications ( to schedule your photo to be taken if you have not already.  

Off Campus Faculty/Staff: If you are off campus or remote upload your own photo using the tips below.  

Tips for Bio Photo

  • Use a recent photo.
  • You should be the only subject in the photo.
  • Your face should be in focus (even after cropping the photo).
  • Wear appropriate professional or business attire.
  • Keep your head straight and upright.
  • Use a pleasant facial expression.
  • Use a color photo, avoid Black and White.
  • Use solid colors or the outdoors as your background.

    Submit Photo using your first name and last name for file name.

Submit Photo

Attaching CV

If you would like to provide an updated CV, you can do so by uploading here

Submit CV