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Luecker Building on UC's Campus




    We are the classroom to your future. 

    University of the Cumberlands will take the determination in your heart and provide you with the resources to help young students achieve their own dreams. Everyone had that one great teacher who impacted all they were to become. Be one of those teachers and mold the minds of the future. 

    You can customize your college education with your interests and passions. Let experiences in and out of the classroom determine how you teach the next generation.   

    • Tutor local at-risk children.
    • Get real-world experience through student teaching.
    • Access a variety of materials in the instructional media library.
    • Learn the most effective teaching practices.
    • Earn your teaching license.

    Tomorrow’s leaders are created today. Every great leader had others who helped and encouraged them to achieve their dreams. Be one of them. If your heart lies in molding minds, UC can provide the knowledge and resources to turn you into an educator.