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Cumberlands Annual Food Drive

Annual Food Drive

October 10 - November 20

Drop off non-perishable food items at the Office of Student Affairs on campus or donate below and we will do the shopping for you.

Donate Below

University of the Cumberlands cares about a lot of things, and providing food for local families is one of them.

Cumberlands’ annual food drive kicks off October 10 and ends November 20. In other words, a month’s worth of excitement, generosity, and literal tons of food is just around the corner!

All are welcome to donate non-perishable foods to the cause. Though the university will be focusing on bringing in specific food groups each week, donations of any kind of non-perishable food are welcome anytime. To contribute, drop off foods in the Office of Student Affairs, located on the top level (Grill level) of the Boswell Campus Center.

Don’t have time to run to the store? Not a problem. Monetary donations are welcome too and will be used to purchase items in bulk – which, technically, is often cheaper, thus providing even more food for local families. 

Cumberlands is adding other, non-food items to their list of desired goods this year, based on the needs in Eastern Kentucky as well as the local community. For those who want to follow Cumberlands’ food-group donation schedule, it’s as follows:

  • Week 1: Flood Victim Relief
    Warm accessories or school supplies such as hats, gloves, scarves, back packs, and socks
  • Week 2: Babies & Kids
    Diapers, baby wipes, pop tarts, cereal, breakfast bars, easy to open heat and eat meals, small containers of fruit, pudding cups
  • Week 3: Protein & Beans
    Bags of rice and beans, canned meals like spaghettio's and chili with easily open cans, heat and eat meals, pork n beans, jerky 
  • Week 4: Hygiene & Laundry
    Small bottles of washing detergent, fabric dryer sheets, shampoo, razors, combs, hairbrushes, individually wrapped toothbrushes, toothpaste, unscented feminine products, bar soap and body wash, deodorant and small pack of toilet paper, ChapStick
  • Week 5: All Things Pasta
    Spaghetti sauce, pasta, mac & cheese, hamburger helper meals
  • Week 6: Canned Fruits & Vegetables
    Green peas, green beans, corn, peaches, fruit cocktail, (really any canned fruit/vegetable)

Additional items mentioned include paper towels, paper plates, plastic silverware and easy to carry and prepare items for our homeless population.