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Finding the MAC address on different devices

You will need your MAC address to connect your device to UC-Patriot-WIFI. Be sure to use the correct MAC address depending on your connection type; many devices have both a wireless and a wired MAC address. If your device is not listed here, please check your user manual or contact the device manufacturer for device-specific instructions.

After locating your MAC address, visit UC-Patriot-WIFI Device Registration for instructions on registering your game console or entertainment device. 

Amazon Echo

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app to your phone or computer and sign in with your Amazon account.
  2. Connect to the wireless network transmitted by your Echo device.
  3. The wireless MAC address for your Echo can be found at the bottom of the Echo Setup screen in the Alexa app.


Amazon Fire TV

  1. From the Main Menu go to Settings
  2. Select "System"
  3. Then go to "About"
  4. Toggle down to Network
  5. Look for the MAC Address (Wi-Fi)
  6. Plug in your Amazon Fire TV stick into your TV

NOTE: If this is the first time using this Fire TV device, the wireless MAC address will appear in the list of wireless networks during setup at the far-right of the list.


  1. The specific instructions for finding the MAC address of an Android device may vary slightly based on the manufacturer. Below are the instructions for default Android 7.1 Nougat (used on Pixel smartphones):
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Select About Phone/Tablet > Status
  4. The MAC address will appear under Wi-Fi MAC address.

Apple iOS

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select General > About.
  3. The wireless MAC address is listed next to Wi-Fi Address.

Apple macOS

  1. Click the Apple button in the top-left corner of the screen and select System Preferences.
  2. Select Network in the System Preferences menu.
  3. Select the interface you want to find the MAC address for from the list on the left side of the Network window, then click Advanced.
  4. Click the Hardware tab. The MAC address will then be listed.

Apple TV

  1. Plug in your Apple TV and follow the set up until you reach the step to connect to a network.
  2. Select UC-Patriot-WIFI and attempt to connect. This will fail, which is normal.
  3. The wireless MAC address should now be displayed on the Apple TV's screen.

Google Home

  1. Plug in your Google Home.
  2. Download and open the Google Home app on your phone.
  3. You should see your Google Home listed. Select it then press Set Up.
  4. Accept the prompt allowing your phone to connect to your Google Home.
  5. Answer the set up questions listed.
  6. Enter the location of your Google Home and select Continue
  7. The wireless MAC address will be listed at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Microsoft Xbox 360

  1. From the Xbox 360 main menu, go to My Xbox > System Settings > Network Settings > Configure Network
  2. Select the Additional Settings tab and then select Alternate Mac Address.
  3. The wired and wireless MAC addresses will be listed at the bottom of this screen

Microsoft Xbox One

If you are setting up your Xbox One for the first time:

  1. Complete the initial setup until you reach the network connection step.
  2. Attempt to connect to Device-Northwestern. This will fail, which is normal.
  3. Select Fix it.
  4. Wait for the troubleshooter to fail.
  5. The MAC addresses will now be listed. Use Wireless MAC for Wi-Fi connections.

If you have previously set up your Xbox One:

  1. From the Xbox One home screen, select Settings.
  2. Under the Console tab, select Network.
  3. Select Advanced Settings. The wired and wireless MAC addresses will be displayed.

Nintendo 3DS

  1. From the 3DS's main menu, go to System Settings > Internet Settings > Other Information.
  2. Select Confirm MAC Address. The wireless MAC address will appear.

Nintendo Wii

  1. Select Wii Settings.
  2. Select Internet > Console Information.
  3. The wireless MAC address is listed under MAC Address

Nintendo Wii U

  1. From the Wii U main menu, select System Settings.
  2. Select Internet > View MAC Address. The wired/wireless MAC address will be listed.

Nintendo Switch

  1. From the Switch's Home menu, go to System Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Internet.
  3. The MAC address will appear under System MAC Address.


  1. From the Roku home screen, select Settings > Player Info.
  2. The wireless MAC address is listed next to Wireless MAC address.

Sony PlayStation 3

  1. From the Playstation 3 main menu, select Settings > System Settings > System Information.
  2. The wireless and wired MAC address will be listed on the screen.

Sony PlayStation 4

  1. On the Playstation 4 main menu, go to Settings > System > System Information.
  2. The wireless MAC address will appear next to MAC Address (Wi-Fi).