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Cumberlands students with Billy McMullen

Career Services Network

This program has connected our student body with future career professionals of our students’ futures. Speakers such as:

  • Dr. Angela Turner – Mental Health Therapist at Hope Forest Academy in Apopka, FL
  • Chris Pyles – PT Pros Director of Business/Development/Physical Therapist Corporate
  • Lydia Nash – PT Pros in Williamsburg, KY
  • Tuwana Cummings – Supervisory Associate Attorney w/The Department of the Navy/Author
  • Christopher Williams – CEO of IT Firm Baltimore Maryland
  • Adam Howard – Attorney in Williamsburg, KY
  • Billy McMullen – Former Professional Athlete/Motivational Speaker Richmond, VA
  • Ahmad Hawkins – Entrepreneur/Radio Spokesman in Charlottesville, VA
  • Butch Jefferson – Real Estate in Lynchburg, VA
  • Noel Lamontagne – Director at Verdence Capital Advisors in Los Angelos, CA
  • Kaleb Henderson – Music Producer/Managing Partner at Monumental Productions in Lynchburg, VA
  • Whitley County Schools – Wresting Coach
  • Melissa Jones – PTA, MBA Physical Therapist Assistant/Clinic Director
  • Maurice Sharpe – Attorney in Beverly Hills, CA

Upcoming Speakers:

  • Elton Brown – Super Bowl Winner/Football Coach/Motivational Speaker in Newport News, VA
  • Chris Canty – Super Bowl Champion/ESPN Sports Analyst in New York
  • Angelo Crowell – Former NFL/Principal, Kalo Companies in Tallahassee, FL

Each of these speakers have given insight into their professions and the pathways they took in order to acquire them. They have provided great wisdom to our students at UC and even afforded some with letters of recommendations and job opportunities. There is great value in what we have seen thus far and we hope to continue this initiative on an upward trend.