Coleman Presents History Lectures

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Dr. Nathan Coleman, Chair for the Department of History and Political Science at University of the Cumberlands (UC), recently presented lectures about the American Revolutionary period at the McConnell Center for Political Leadership.

Coleman first spoke at the 2017 Young Leaders Academy, hosted by the University of Louisville, earlier in June. Keeping with the conference’s overarching theme, “Revisiting American Constitutionalism,” Coleman discussed the question of sovereignty in the American Revolution, emphasizing the importance of federalism and American constitutional order.

“Conferences like this are critical for young people because it can expose them to a world of ideas and history that they don’t get in the classroom,” Coleman said. “These ideas, in turn, can help influence how they perceive and understand American history, politics, and our current world.”

The next week, Coleman returned to the McConnell Center to give a presentation to high school teachers sponsored by the National Institute of Civic Education. His lecture focused on the American Revolution’s inheritance of Roman and British political and constitutional thought, particularly the Roman idea of republicanism and British common law.

“Being able to talk to teachers, especially ones who are willing to voluntarily give up a summer week day, provides a chance to explore in great detail important and critical ideas of the American founding,” Coleman said. “One of the greatest benefits of teaching, whether it’s students or teachers, is that you never know when a single idea you discuss can have a lasting and important impact.” 

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