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Cumberlands One Price Promise

What's Included in Your Tuition at Cumberlands? 

From banks to airlines to healthcare, even food delivery, hidden fees and extra costs, they’re everywhere today – especially at one place they should never be: college campuses. And that big tuition number is only the beginning: books, room and board, parking, the list goes on and on. Pretty soon you’re taking a second job just to pay for those hidden costs of college.

Cumberlands’ One Price Promise frees you from the stress of worrying about extra costs and fees or how you’ll pay for everything, so you can focus on the most important thing: getting the most out of college, to prepare you for getting the most out of life.   At Cumberlands we don’t let anything get in the way of you and a high-quality, accessible affordable education, that puts you first and at the center of your college experience.

At Cumberlands we empower you to learn on your own terms, at your own pace, with zero fine print, exceptions, or funny business. One focus: You. One price for everything, all included, even books. Why? Because everything is included in Cumberland’s One Price Promise.  
One focus: You. One price for everything you’ll ever need to succeed.

That’s Cumberlands’ One Price Promise.

Academic Programs

Cumberlands offers more than 50 academic programs in several formats including on-campus, online and hybrid. Students can take dual-credit classes while still in high school, take certificate programs or earn degrees at a higher level from associates all the way to a doctorate in many programs. Now you're getting somewhere. 

One Price Promise for students

Tuition Comparison Worksheet

Most colleges are quick to tell you their tuition cost, but that is rarely reflective of the full cost of college. There’s also room and board. Laundry fees. Textbooks. Parking fees. Technology fees. Recreation fees. Need we go on? The good news: that isn’t the case at University of the Cumberlands. Our sticker price is what you pay, period. Use this worksheet to compare cost of attendance here with other schools you're considering. 

Can I transfer to Cumberlands?

Absolutely. Students can transfer a percentage of their coursework to Cumberlands (75 percent for undergraduate students and 33 percent for graduate students). We can provide every student with a free transfer credit evaluation in order to let you know what credits will be applied to your degree, how long it will take to earn your degree and how much tuition will cost over that period.

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Do you accept prior learning or experiential learning credits?

The Prior Learning Program allows students to gain credit for their professional and educational experiences that apply to their current coursework.  There are three pathways of Prior Learning credit that students can pursue including passing a knowledge exam, providing proof of experiential credit or providing certification that aligns with prior coursework. 

If you are interested in pursuing Prior Learning:

  • Complete this SURVEY to see how you might earn Prior Learning credits. 
  • Discuss it with your Student Success Coordinator (Undergrad on-campus | Undergrad Online | Graduate) to see if there are opportunities within your degree plan.  
  • If you are a current student and if you are ready to apply, please review these instructions for completing the form and the application can be found through UC One and selecting “UC Reporting and Request Form” then selecting “Prior Learning Request” on the Report Type drop-down.

Prior Learning Program Contact:

Do you have academic resources to assist students?

Every student enrolled at Cumberlands gets full access to The Learning Commons - our dedicated academic resource center. The Learning Commons provides various services and events like peer study groups, one-on-one tutoring, workshops covering specific topics and skills, and a toolbox of resources that can support students succeed both in the classroom and the whole University experience! The Grover M. Hermann Library also offers an immense amount of physical and digital resources inside a $7.5 million learning center available to all students. 

Do you have certificate programs or stand alone certificates?

Students at University of the Cumberlands can earn certificates in a number of courses that help to display mastery of certain skills beyond the classroom. Some of our graduate programs also offer abbreviated certificate programs that stand alone or can be used to launch into full masters programs. 

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Do you offer grants and scholarships through your financial aid?

At University of the Cumberlands, we strive to help make an education affordable.  even with our One Price Promise tuition guarantee, many students are still eligible for scholarships. We offer a number of scholarships that are available to full-time undergraduate students and are renewable for up to 4 years.  Scholarship amounts range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  Students may qualify for only one scholarship in the academic category. We also provide resources for external scholarships that may help students financially throughout their collegiate experience. 

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It's time to apply and take advantage of our One Price Promise!

Visit campus to learn more about our One Price Promise. 

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