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Plates for a Purpose


Plates for a Purpose - October 15 through November 19 

University of the Cumberlands students are once again being asked to show how big their heart is by supporting the community’s annual food drive - Plates for a Purpose. Since 2011, University of the Cumberlands has hosted a fall food drive in support of food banks in Williamsburg and the surrounding community. The food drive is a primary source of nutrition for impoverished families throughout the holiday season. In the past three years, Cumberlands has provided more than 60,000 pounds of food to the community.

“We want to focus on the needs that people in the area have and how we can help meet those needs,” said Dr. Emily Coleman, Provost at University of the Cumberlands. 

Cumberlands uses a model for calculating the donations they collect, tallying it in terms of how many metaphorical plates the donations make. For example, a “single plate” of food consists of one fruit or veggie item, one grain item, one dairy item and one protein item. So, say one can of peaches, a box of rice, a cup of mac-and-cheese and a can of chicken is donated. When those items are added together, they create a single plate of food – one complete meal for someone – according to Cumberlands’ new system.

Each week, focus is placed on a needed food item helping to make the “plates” system work for the families the program benefits. Weekly goals are posted below. If you are unable to donate food in person, please consider using the donate button to make a monetary contribution to the program. All donations will be used to purchase food items that fit within the donation system. 

2017 Total
2018 Total
2019 Total