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Below are a few of the frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact your Student Success Coordinator
Does UC have an Absence Policy?
Yes, it does. The Absence Policy refers to the number of times in a semester you may be absent from a particular class, generally no more than
•    Three (3) absences for a class that meets once a week,
•    Six (6) absences for a class that meets twice a week, or
•    Nine (9) absences for a class that meets 3 times a week
Who is my Advisor?
You will meet with an advisor to plan your schedule of classes each semester. Your advisor helps make sure you take all the classes you need in order to graduate. For your first year, your advisor will be a Student Success Coordinator. In the first semester of your sophomore year, you will transfer to a faculty advisor from the department of your major area of study. 
Where do I get help with my classes?
The Academic Resource Center, located on the bottom floor of the Library, offers free tutoring in all undergraduate subjects from trained student tutors. Other resources like worksheets also available. Requests for tutoring may be made by calling 539-4312 or by registering online.
Can I drop or add a class?
A few days either after registration or at the beginning of each semester you can decide not to take a class (drop), add another class (add) or switch one class for another class (drop/add).  Make sure you know the important deadlines each semester for when drop/add is free, the span of time when a grade of “W” will appear on your transcript or when you can no longer add or drop a class.

Can I purchase my books on campus?
Barnes and Noble has a campus bookstore on campus.  They are located in on the middle level of the Boswell Campus Center and can purchase your books in our campus bookstore located on the middle level of the Boswell Campus Center or online.
Where do I pay my bill?
The Office of Student Accounts keeps an account of your bill for tuition, room, and board. Payments on your account may be made online or directly to the Office of Student Accounts, located on the main floor of the Gatliff Building. Staff in the office also cashes personal checks.
Where can I get answers to my questions about residence life?
Please visit our residence life website for more information about your individual residence hall, the residence life staff, programming opportunities, and more! Click here for more information.
Where can I go when I am sick?
Grace Health clinic is a partner of the University and is located on W Sycamore street, you can be seen there by our own designated Physician Assistant
• If you are going to miss class because you are ill, Absence Memos can be sent to your faculty through Student Services contact them at or 606.539.4230
How do I get involved on campus?
Students can get involved in a variety of Clubs & Organizations.