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OREN 100: Seeks to provide students understanding of university policies and academic support for overall student success. OREN 100 sessions and seminars cultivate an environment to learn academic skills and gain knowledge for overall well-being. OREN 100 blends skill-based strategies and engaging content to create a successful student. 

As A Part Of OREN 100, You Must Attend:

Tuesday, August 28th: Opening Convocation at 7pm in the O. Wayne Rollins Center: Required event for attendance. 

Week 3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12: OREN 100 seminars held during these times each week:
•    Monday seminars at 6pm: Luecker Auditorium 
•    Tuesday seminars at 4pm: Luecker Auditorium 
•    Friday seminars at 2pm: Gatliff Chapel 

Week 9:
PATSERVE (October)
This is a required event for all freshman students. Shoes for the Soul will not be offered as an option for this credit. 
Week 13, 15, and 16: Make up weeks to complete missing seminars. These seminars will be held Fridays at 12pm(noon) and 3pm. 

During our weekly seminars, topics such as these will be covered:


Study skills

Library Resources

Department Session

Title IV

Servant Leadership


Mental Health


Physical Well-being