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Undergraduate Degrees and Courses

The University of the Cumberlands confers the following undergraduate degrees: the Associate of Applied Science, the Associate of Science, the Associate of Arts, the Bachelor of Applied Science, the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of General Studies, and the Bachelor of Music. In addition, at the graduate level, the University confers the following degrees: the Master of Arts, the Master of Arts in Teaching, the Master of Arts in Education, the Master of Business Administration, The Master of Physician Assistant Studies, the Master of Science, the Education Specialist, the Doctor of Business Administration, the Doctor of  Education, the Doctor of Psychology, and the Doctor of Philosophy.

Graduate Degree Course Requirements

Consult the planned programs (curriculum contracts) of various programs for required courses in each emphasis. A minimum of eighteen (18) hours of 600 or above courses must be taken to meet the requirements for the completion of the Rank I program.