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You went away to college, but something just didn't work out right. Now is the time to give Cumberlands a try. Why? Because we have the low cost you need, the academic programs you're looking for and an amazing campus experience. Up to 75% of a transfer students undergraduate degree plan can be credited at Cumberlands. Now, you're getting somewhere.

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Being a student transfer doesn’t have to be a challenge. At University of the Cumberlands, we’re dedicated to offering a quality education at an affordable price. Our policies for admission and credit transfer were designed with you in mind. We want the transition process to be as seamless as possible for university transfer students. If transferring to Cumberlands, we’ll assure that you know:

  • What credits will be applied to your degree.
  • How long you’ll be enrolled.
  • How much it will cost you.
  • Transfer student requirements.

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Students with a completed AA, AS or AAS degree from a regionally accredited institution are guaranteed admission to Cumberlands. Transfer requirements and other information for each enrollment division is below.

  • No app fee
  • Free transfer credit eval – submit your transcripts for review HERE
  • Affordable tuition
  • Free textbooks, parking, printing, and tutoring
  • Free student activities
  • Commuter friendly campus
  • Transfer 75% of your degree
  • Contact Admissions 606.539.4240
  • No app fee
  • $220 per credit hour
  • Free Textbooks
  • Convenient/ flexible class format
  • Free transfer credit eval – submit your transcripts for review HERE
  • Transfer 75% of your degree
  • Call us anytime at - 606.539.4372
  • No GRE required
  • Free Textbooks
  • Courses beginning at $315 per credit hour
  • Flexible online format
  • Call us anytime at - 606.539.4393
  • Looking into an executive program? Click HERE

Students transferring to Cumberlands from KCTCS have the ability for direct course-by-course transfer due to an agreement between the institutions. If you are a current or former KCTCS student, learn more about program pathways and transferring here: 
KCTCS Students

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Transfer Scholarships

Transfer scholarships are available for students transferring to Cumberlands from another college and is enrolling in an on-campus undergraduate program.

The Online Experience

You need the flexibility of online learning without the sacrifice of quality or connection. We get it. We make sure you get all things Cumberlands, even online

Students study outside on the Cumberlands campus

The online program met all the needs I was looking for at the time. It was flexible. It challenged me and was, it was definitely affordable. And so it really just met all the needs that, you know, I've been praying about and looking for at that time. And just really all came together just to combine for a really great experience.

Luken Glover ’23

Transfer Credit Policy

If you’ve taken courses or received a degree from another college or university, you’re probably wondering what will transfer into a University of the Cumberlands degree program.  Get more information on how to ensure you transfer as many credit hours as possible to UC.

In addition, students who have obtained certification from sending institution with General Education Full Certification, or General Education Core Certified may be qualified for General Education Complete status. Some programs do require additional General Education/Related Studies courses as part of program-specific curriculum. In these cases, the students must still complete any courses that are specifically required within the student’s major.

Students transferring to University of the Cumberlands from another institution must provide an official transcript from that institution. 

The Transfer Credit Evaluation department will complete an official evaluation of your college credits once you’ve applied to the University. For specific questions, please direct inquiries to the Transfer Credit Evaluation department at transfer [at]

Undergraduate Students can transfer up to 75 percent of their degree plan to Cumberlands. Students will generally receive credit for all college-level work in which a passing grade is earned, provided such credit is earned from an institution which is fully accredited by one of the six regional accrediting associations. Remedial courses are not transferable. Grades lower than ‘C’ will not be accepted in courses which apply toward the student’s major.

Graduate Students must have transfer credits approved in advance by the Department Chair or the Program Director before the course begins. A maximum of fifty percent (1/2) of a graduate degree's total required credit hours for graduation may be transferred from an accredited institution of higher learning or applied via credit by evaluation to an advanced degree program provided such credit meets the appropriate degree requirements of the University of the Cumberlands.

Transfer students admitted with junior or senior standing must complete a minimum of one-third of the course requirements in the major or minor at the University of the Cumberlands (CLEP and departmental bypass exams will not meet this requirement). Specific requirements for each major, or minor may vary with department policies. At least twenty-five percent of the total semester hours in any degree requirement must be completed at the University of the Cumberlands. CLEP, Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) and departmental bypass exams will not meet this requirement.

University of the Cumberlands reserves the right to evaluate and accept or reject college credit earned prior to high school graduation. This evaluation will be done course by course in consultation with the appropriate department.

To be eligible for admission to the University of the Cumberlands, all undergraduate transfer students must not be currently on academic or social suspension and must be eligible to return to their previous institution.

Graduate students must have earned a minimum grade of “B” on all graduate work transferred, with grades of “B” being dependent upon the program. Grades of P will be accepted as passing for the purposes of transfer credit as long as the university the student is transferring credit from offers a key that relates the grade of “P” to a letter grade equivalent.

Only grades earned at University of the Cumberlands will be used in calculating student grade point averages.

Prior Learning Program

The Prior Learning Program allows students to gain credit for their professional and educational experiences that apply to their current coursework.

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