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CHEM110. Introduction to General Chemistry Lab

CHEM 110 is a laboratory course designed to accompany CHEM 131. This course will reinforce selected concepts covered in CHEM 131 lecture that are necessary for further work in CHEM 132 and CHEM 111. Emphasis is placed on introducing the student to basic laboratory techniques, data manipulations and analysis used in the general chemistry laboratory. The student will also lean the proper way to maintain a lab notebook and writing scientific laboratory reports. This course is intended for science majors needing to prepare for CHEM 132 and CHEM 111. It does not count toward the chemistry major but does satisfy the General Education science lab requirement. Prerequisite: Two years of high school algebra and Math ACT ≥ 20 or completion of MATH 131. Co-requisite: CHEM 131. Credit, 1 hour.