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COMM403. Argument in Everyday Life

This course is designed to increase the students' critical thinking skills through the use of argumentation in a variety of settings. The student will become aware of the different spheres of argument and how they are both different and interact with each other. This will be accomplished through a variety of reading and writing assignments in which the student will be expected to apply the concepts of argumentation to topics found in the general culture. Emphasis will be placed on the students' ability to clearly state their position (clarity). Additionally, students will be expected to fully research their position and be able to use their research appropriately (discernment). Finally, students will be expected to be able to apply the general concepts of critical thinking and argumentation to the specific spheres found in the general culture (integration). Argumentative spheres to be studied will include, but not be limited to: argumentation in law, argumentation in science, argumentation in religion, argumentation in politics. This Integrated Studies course can fulfill a requirement in Section VI of the General Education Curriculum. Credit, 3 hours.