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EdD Doctorate of Educational Leadership Mission and Goals

The mission of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership is to prepare professionals to make valuable, cutting-edge contributions in a variety of academic leadership roles and settings. Through facilitated research, professional activities, and especially through the implementation of the curriculum, faculty members are committed to providing you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your professional knowledge and understanding of counseling and educational theory
  • Extend your mastery of research and its application to strategic problem-solving
  • Strengthen your commitment to professional service and ethical decision-making

In pursuit of its mission, the program serves the following program goals:

  • Develop critical and reflective thinking to facilitate institutional problem-solving and school or college improvement
  • Nurture effective and ethical professional leadership at the college-, school-, district- or unit-level
  • Strengthen the research, analytical and communication skills necessary for professional decision-making
  • Promote public service and ethical leadership in professional and community settings
  • Strengthen content knowledge in a specialty area