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Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer a ministry degree online?

Our desire is to offer quality Christian education to ministers and lay leaders all over the world. Many women and men are serving in areas where a college or seminary is not accessible.

Is this an accredited degree program?

Yes, University of the Cumberlands is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the recognized accrediting agency for the Southern states.

Is the online format of learning as good as being in the traditional classroom on campus?

Yes, numerous studies have proven that online learners perform as well as, or better than those learning on campus (Thomas L Russell, The No Significant Difference Phenomenon).

Who can enroll for online courses?

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies courses are designed for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge of the Bible, theology and Christian ministry. The courses are practically based for training men and women for Christian leadership, either in full-time vocational ministry or lay ministry.

Do I have to be on campus at any time?

No, the program is entirely online and an individual can complete the degree without ever stepping on campus. Although, you are welcome at any time to visit the campus and participate in campus wide activities.

What is the format for online classes?

Each course lasts eight weeks. The fall semester, first eight-week bi-term begins in August and concludes in October. The second eight-week term begins in October and concludes in December. Multiple courses are offered every Bi-Term.

The online courses are primarily asynchronous which means that the student will not have to be online at a particular time each week. The student can access materials and submit assignments for the week any time. Assignments, however, need to be submitted by the due date associated with the assignment.

How fast can I earn my degree?

The degree can be completed in one year.

How many courses can I transfer into the masters program?

A student may transfer a maximum of nine semester hours of credit into the Master of Arts in Christian Studies program from an accredited graduate institution or program.

What is the cost of tuition?

University of the Cumberlands has one of the lowest tuition’s of online graduate schools while still providing highly qualified professors and nationally recognized Christian leaders.

Tuition for the program is $1065 for each course ($355.00 per credit hour).

You can roughly figure the following cost for tuition and fees based on 30 credit hour program completed in 10 months (5 eight-week terms, 2 classes per term).

Tuition Fees
$355 per credit hour x 30 credit hours
Total Tuition $10,650

(Tuition includes books)

You will find the cost of this program is about half the price of most programs if not significantly less. The benefit of an online education is the money saved in room and board and travel expenses.

What computer hardware or software do I need to complete the program?

Students will need access to a computer and to a dependable, fast Internet service. Files the student will need to download will not be huge, but watching any videos will be easier with a fast Internet connection. The student will also need an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The learning management system used in the program runs on a server at University of the Cumberlands. Students will not need to purchase a learning management system. Each student will receive a username and password to access the system through an Internet browser.

When is the deadline for applying to the program?

There is no deadline for applying to the Master of Arts in Christian Studies. Students accepted into the program can begin at any 8 week term.