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Online Nursing master's program degree requirements

The family nurse practitioner online nursing master's program is comprised of a 48 credit hour curriculum (24 didactic and 18 credit hours blended learning didactic and clinical, and 6 hours for clinical practice internship). The total number of clinical hours upon completion of the program is 720. Prior to admission to clinical, students will need to complete their basic online nursing master's program FNP courses: NURS510, NURS520, NURS530, NURS532, NURS550, NURS590, NURS592, and NURS594 (all offered on an 8-week bi-term schedule). Students will experience a blended learning approach with both didactic online classwork in the addition of completion of 120 clinical hours per course in the courses NURS670, NURS672, and NURS674. The course NURS690 will provide a 360 clinical hour concentrated clinical internship. A listing of the online nursing master's program course titles and credit hours per course is listed below.

For a full list of course offerings or more program specific information, visit our Academic Catalog page.